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Kapela Timingeriu is a family band formed from a need to experience music as a situation in a particular place, time and context. Making music is a pretext for the band to meet, a living and open situation. They play and sing lively, dance-provoking interpretations of Gypsy, Balkan, and Jewish music, creating a relaxed, convivial and fun atmosphere. The group’s beginnings stem from a musical expedition to Romania in 2009. Since then, the group has grown to include new enthusiasts of musical adventures, traveling with their instruments around Poland and abroad – hitch-hiking, biking, boating and driving.

The band is comfortable in practically any situation: on big outdoor stages as well as small intimate ones and also as part of theatre and circus performances, cabarets, and other atypical cultural events. They have performed at: the Pannonica Folk Festival in Barcice nad Popradem, the Sztukmistrz Carnival in Lublin, the Łódź Czterech Kultur Festival in Łódź, the Busker Bus Festival in Wrocław, on Wrocław’s Radio Ram, at the Schaubuden Sommer in Dresden, and the Christmas Markets in Potsdam and Berlin.

Kapela Timingeriu are a group of versatile artists who are also part of the alternative music scene (Małe Instrumenty, Sutari), the jazz scene (the Jazz Department at the Music Academy Wrocław) and also the theatre scene (Gardzienice Theatre, Song of the Goat Theatre). Their debut album entitled Radio Rom was released in March 2015 and documented the group’s concert at Radio Ram in Wrocław.

Contact / Booking:

Kasia Kapela // +48 663 796 039 // kasia.kapela@gmail.com


Katarzyna Kapela Timingeriu (vocal, violinl)

Jacek Timingeriu (vocal, accordion)

Ewa Timingeriu (vocal, clarinet)

Jędrzej Kuziela (percussion)

Mateusz Rybicki (clarinet, vocal)

Jakub Kurek (trumpet, vocal)

Mikołaj Nowicki (contrabass)

“Gadzie i goje”

Gadzie i goje” is an album created by a group of individuals coming from different musical worlds, captivated by Jewish and Gypsy music. In the first studio album of Kapela Timingeriu, unpretentious love for music meets instrumental craftsmanship and attention to the band’s sound. Double bass, violin, clarinets, trumpet, accordion, tupan and vocals accompany every situation, from wedding to mourning and back to dance. Overheard, encountered or taught by people they met on their way, the songs form a map of Kapela Timingeriu’s trips and journeys. The album features gipsy songs from nearby Slovakia and Hungary, as well as traditional Jewish pieces from the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe. Caring for the good atmosphere, the recordings were made in a home studio in a Mazovian village under the supervision of Piotr Pac-Pomarnacki. The album was mixed by Marcin Szwajcer. Magdalena Piotrowska was responsible for mastering.

„Gadzie i Goje” album premiere – 06.07.2018 r.

Publisher: Karrot Komando

Preorder: https://karrot.pl/gadzieigoje

Digital distribution: https://independentdigital.lnk.to/GadzieiGoje

Graphic design: Mariusze Figle

Photos: Piotr Spigiel

Listen „Gadzie i Goje” album on YouTube:

„Gadzie i Goje” music videos:

„Andre Tire”

„Mazel Tov”

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Kapela Timingeriu Gadzie igoje

More about band:


Kasia Kapela

tel.: 663 796 039


Kapela Timingeriu Gadzie igoje

08.11 - Bielsko-Biała / Klubokawiarnia Aquarium

09.11 - Kraków / Alchemia

10.11 - Brzeg / Herbaciarnia

30.11 - Jelcz-Laskowice / Hala Sportowa

01.12 - Szczecin / Piwnica Kany

02.12 - Poznań / Dragon

08.12 - Opole / Wyjście Awaryjne

09.12 - Praha (CZ) / Cross Club

14.12 - Wrocław / D.K. Luksus

15.12 - Łódź / Teatr Szwalnia

16.12 - Warszawa / Hydrozagadka